Men’s Ministry

What is a real man?

He seeks righteousness, accepts responsibility for his actions, speaks wisely, and models integrity. He loves people unconditionally, forgives quickly, and serves as an agent of healing. He provides for and protects, both physically and spiritually, those entrusted to his care—primarily his family. He courageously sacrifices himself for others. An authentic man acknowledges his mistakes and always strives to be more Christ-like. He waits upon the Lord for wisdom, guidance, and direction. He holds steadfastly to the path the Lord lays out before him. He humbly prays without ceasing and unashamedly worships God!

What is a fake man?

An unauthentic man is filled with pride. He says in his heart, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1). He is driven by pleasure, speaks without self-control, and models foolishness. An artificial man imagines he is self-sufficient and pretends to need no one. He loves himself more than others, bitterly holds grudges, and is a source of heartache to many people. In his immaturity, he avoids and rejects responsibility, expects others to provide for him, and disregards the needs of others—even his own family members. He selfishly takes advantage of persons for his own gratification and gain. A fake man blames others for his mistakes and denies he needs to change. He is easily angered, impatient, imprudent, and aimless. He rejects wise counsel and spurns wisdom. He continuously rebels against the authority and will of the one true God. His god is essentially himself.         ~ Robert Russell

To join in opportunities with other men reaching out and growing closer to Christ, and assisting others as a part of the Celebration family, click on any of the links to the right.

The cards shown below are available at the welcome center in the main lobby.  Feel free to pick some up and pass along to others as desired.


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